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I'm back on LJ! I really missed it. My new user name is teachthemtofly! Go and add me if you still wanna be friends!
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Today is my sister's birthday and honestly there are probably a thousand things I could say about her. My sister is my best friend and I feel like I can tell her anything. I'm pretty much her mini-me and, as I get older, it's quite scary how much we are alike. She is super talented and I'm upset that the dancing gene that she clearly got skipped me. But honestly I don't know what I would do without her. Between her and my mother we keep the craziness alive. Like I said, I could go on and on but I won't and instead I'll just say that I love you and miss you. Happy Birthday, Kami! :)

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I saw Sweeney Todd again yesterday at 6:30pm. It seemed like I knew half of the people in the audience. My review is under a cut because of the length and spoilers for the show.

Sweeney Todd 2/3/08Collapse )

Overall, I think it's a wonderful production filled with strong actors, singers and musicians who tell a story with, and without, words. Overall: 4.5/5

Stage door stories to come when I can upload the pictures.

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Current Music: Ladies and Thier Sensitivies stuck in my head.

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